Foreclosure Defense and Loan Modification:

No borrower or homeowner should endure foreclosure proceedings without the assistance of an experienced real estate lawyer. At the Law Office of Steven M. Fried, P.A., we will help you through the process and respond as quickly as possible.
When a Lender is seeking to take your home through the foreclosure process, you will have many questions and need immediate assistance.  This is a frightening and confusing time where an experienced advisor makes all the difference.

Serving borrowers and homeowners throughout Florida, we are open during weekly business hours. Contact us today for more information about our mortgage foreclosure defense work. We offer a free consultation which can be in person, by telephone or via Skype.

Important areas of service include:

Mortgage/Loan Modification-take advantage of governmental foreclosure programs while they last
Short Sale Negotiation
Sale Surplus Litigation
Relocation Expenses Negotiation
Deficiency Judgment Negotiation